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I only use this site to maintain a few favourite web site links and to practice my html coding. Most of what's here therefore won't be of interest to anyone other close friends and family. Sorry!  J

Favourite Links

Surgenor House

My personal favourite links...
From here I can control and view the status of many items around our house.  Access is password controlled but you may view (but not control) if you wish by using the user name "guest" and the password "guest".

If you wish to learn about the technology behind all of this, you can here.

Photo Albums

Web cams

MountainsLook at my online photo albums filled with pictures from my holidays and other family events.

Album 1 - this album is located on my own server at home
                    so may be a bit slow

             Album 2 - this album is located on my ISP (Zen) hosted

From here I can view what's currently happening either at the front or back doors of our house.


From here I can control my PVR (personal video recorder).  If I'm away from home and have forgotten to set it up to record a particular programme I can login and set it up to record any TV programme I want. 
Sorry - it's password controlled. J

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